Delivery Process


Delivery Made Easy

Delivering a finished structure to your location has never been easier. With our state of the art equipment we ensure your backyard or farm will be respected.

You Dream It, We Build It!

You Dream It, We Build It!


Preparing Your Yard for Shed Delivery

Our standard includes leveling your building with wooden blocks and shims. Sunview Builders recommends installing your building on a level, gravel pad or we can help place concrete blocks if available at time of delivery.


Sometimes Buildings Don’t Fit

Sometimes buildings don’t fit. You might have a fence that cannot be removed or a tree that you don’t want to cut down. In those situations, we still want you to have the storage you need, and you can have us come build the building at your location! For an additional fee, the crew will prepare your building at our shop and take it unassembled to your location, where they will put together the frame and them put on the metal siding. Using this process, we can complete your building in a matter of hours and create a minimum amount of disruption for you or your neighbors.

Delivery Dispatch

KW Transport

Most of our deliveries are done by KW Transport. They handle scheduling, dispatch and anything related to the delivery of your building. If you have any questions about the schedule of delivery, you can reach their dispatcher at phone number listed below!